Coz and Joyce Crosscombe serve with CityNet in Philadelphia. The primary aim of CityNet is to saturate Philadelphia with neighbourhood based, Gospel centered churches. Coz and Joyce are responsible for forming strategic partnerships between the churches, ministries and individuals with the goal of facilitating ministry together.
It is our belief that no one church has all the gifts and resources needed to transform the communities of Philadelphia, or anywhere else, and it is only together that we can carry out the Great Commission.
Philadelphia is a city of 1.4 million made up of hundreds of micro communities, each functioning as part of the whole, yet distinct. Each of these communities must be reached by local churches if we are to see transformation happen.

Joyce is a Pennsylvania girl, graduate of Eastern University, with stints in South West Philly and the Dominican Republic (both as a school teacher) before landing in North Philadelphia. She has been a pioneer for women coming into the community, worked extensively in children’s ministry, and now focuses on mentoring women.

Coz is an Australian, coming to CityNet after time with Young Life, Bethel Temple and Wyoming Ave Baptist where he has ministered with youth and led economic and community development. He is a ministry “maven”, distributing information and making connections throughout the community.

Saiyeh, Melanie and Emma are their three amazing daughters, each unique, all with a growing love and understanding of Philadelphia, its poverty and its special place in God’s Kingdom.

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